The Road to Financial Freedom is paved with honest effort

I am going to try to keep away  from all the jargon that comes with a topic like “The Road to Riches”.  Phrases such as ‘work hard and save your money’ and ‘you have to be born rich to really succeed’ do little to bring out the real path to “Road to Riches”.

We hear it all the time about being “lucky”, or his daddy gave him a trust fund, when he went to college.  Now these beliefs may be true, But when you come down to the basic reality, you probably find it to be much simpler than  that.

The other idea I hear all the time is the one about advanced degrees of education. You have probably heard it many times from your well meaning mentors.  ‘ You need to go to college and get a PhD in order to really be successful’.

Well friends, there is another reality I want to share with you. And it is one you probably haven’t heard before, and it goes like this.

The first question you need to ask yourself is. “Why do I work?” and, when  you answer that for yourself, the second question is, “What can I do that will bring about the answer to the first question”?

I know this sounds simplistic. But, when you ask individuals of various economic levels what they want, it come down basically to the same things: food, clothing, shelter, a nice car, education for their children, a secure retirement, etc.

The difference between the various strata is a matter of degree only. A rich guy might be able to buy filet mignon, and the lower income guy, flank steak.

IF I believe that I need an advanced degree in engineering to buy certain “things”, then it is only a belief. We believe we need that degree to get those things, so we condition our behavior to not get the things unless we have the “degree”.

This most likely case is that the things we want are expensive and often out of reach of  those with lower incomes, But what if I could show you a way to have all the things you want without going into debt with 8 years of college tuition.

And isn’t that what we want? It comes down to the two questions we asked and answered before.

The problem is that we don’t know how to develop  opportunities that can provide an income stream commensurate with our desires.

Self employment has always been the main key to wealth generation. Advanced degrees are not always needed, but a workable sustainable Idea definitely is. Affiliate marketing fits the bill in this regard. If you’d like to know more about online marketing, please check out this link  Wealthy Affiliate

It doesn’t always require a massive debt load to find yourself on the “Road to Riches”.


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