Options Trade setup Checklist

Options Trade setup Checklist 

By Dan Stenabaugh

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This checklist will help you make sure your think through the important steps when setting up Options Trades. No more guess work.  Just a few simple steps from stock selection to review and send.

Reasons to use your Checklist

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Eliminate guesswork

No need to stare at your trade platform and wonder what to do next.

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Build Confidence

Make sure all the important decisions get made right before you send your order.

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Improve your decision-making skills

When you practice steps, your trading will improve exponentially.

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Options Trade Setup Checklist


About the Author

 Before 2012, I knew very little about options trading. I had believed all the bad news about losing all my money and, that Options were too risky for individual investors. Even my financial planner tried to steer me away from adding option trading to my brokerage account. Of course, he didn't trade options. So, I decided to forge my own path and get the information I needed to trade options in my own account.

During my working career I was a building contractor and was very accustomed to taking risks. This seemed like a good subject to spend my time and energy pursuing.

I thought retirement would be boring. That couldn't have been further from the truth.

Now I trade my own account and have plenty of free time to spend with my family and doing the other things I enjoy