Our Federal Reserve is a mess.

You really can’t make this stuff up. The Financial terminology cheat sheet is a must read for anyone who wants to undertand how the money supply is exploding.  All the fine sounding words add up to the same thing—“Printing Money”.

And where does it lead? Always to the same nasty ending…Read our prior post about the FED.

Biggest signs for a market debacle

It’s too bad the situation isn’t funny. If it were this video would be hysterical.

The tune is very ketchy though, wouldn’t you say?

Financial terminology cheat sheet

“quantitative easing” = print money
“asset purchases” = print money
“expanding balance sheet” = print money
“monetary financing” = print money
“inflation targeting” = print money
“credit easing” = print money
“debase currency” = print money pic.twitter.com/f1QcbvszeG

— Wim Grommen (@wimgrommen) March 11, 2021

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