WE want to thank our friends at Technical Traders for providing these timely research articles on current market activity. Today’s article discusses some timely research on silver price expectation.

We are living again in interesting times.

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And, if you think about it in terms of monetary influences, which we have discussed here , you can see why having a solid investment plan in place is so important.

Markets move. Sometimes they move slowly and methodically.  Sometimes they move like a fighter jet with afterburners flaming as it charges down the runway.

We never know precisely, when the move will tke place, but we can often see the signs begin to take shape.

I have been an observer of the psychology of the traders, when we get to this point.

First we get the massive increase in the money supply.

Then we get a continuing rise in the market averages.

Everyone starts talking about the huge gains in the value of their portfolios. People with no experience make it look like they have been successful traders for a lifetime.

Next comes the “This time it’s different” crowd.                         Image result for This Time It's Different. Size: 83 x 100. Source: www.teepublic.com

And,sadly, it often comes from the people in charge of the show.

New theories paraded out like the float at the Macy’s day parade, all bows and ribbons and alot of pretty flowers. Everyone is asked to have a good time. And believe as if some politician has all the answers.  Actually, he has no clue. He is just driving his carnival wagon into the big top and plying his snake oil to the young children in the bleechers.

Near the end the new masters of the universe rush in

and think they are going to make everything right and take on the world and take out the big boys. Soon they find out as the young wolf pups do that daddy wolf has some tricks up his sleeves also.

And within a few days the pups are sulking in the corner of their den with boody ears.

No one really knows how everythibn is going to play out.  The best you can do is stay awake and keep informed. Don’t buy in to all the hype.  Stick to the basics and don’t get haughty. Trade small and trade often and  put the probabilities on your side.


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