Watch this exciting series of videos for Beginning Options traders.

Tom Sosnoff the founder of tastytrades takes two novice traders and teaches them how to trade and be successful.

In this next episode we watch Kay and Erro continue along their learning curve. Today they discuss adjusting defined risk trades and the reasons why 21 Days to expiration is such an important metric to keep in mind.  In addition, they look at their Delta/theta ratio and learn how to make changes that will help mitigate risk.

Each week they choose new trade ideas and broaden their exposure to a wider array of underlying assets.


Very exciting to watch these young “yutes” develop their confidence and skills in using the tastyworks platform.

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Check out this next beginning Options trader class

This series is Awesome.  Hopefully, someone will have a few good questions. This will help everyone. I look forward to some good questions.  The dialogue could be remarkably interesting. So, please join in and share your thoughts.

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