Today, I’m going to “step out of school” and talk about Options Trading from a slightly different point of view.

When I started this website, my goal was to bring useful ideas to beginning option traders so that they would build a skill set in the subject and feel confident that they could move forward, open a trading account and begin to place basic option trades.

But I have found in the course of writing the content, that this site is as much about shedding light on the Bounty of Opportunity as it is about anything else.

Everyone who reads these posts comes from a different walk in life and has very personal reasons for being here. Some people are secure in their life’s choices and simply want to learn a new subject. The “Opportunity” they seek is to broaden their knowledge base and presumably be able to learn how to trade in the Options market.

Others may want to learn the subject with the intention of becoming proficient enough to, hopefully, make a living at trading. Both of these are noble reasons to proceed.

Just  as people come in different shapes and sizes with different characteristics, needs, and desires, opportunities can be looked at in a similar light. The readers of this blog come from all walks of life. Some are real estate agents, some run child daycare centers, and corner stores, some are doctors, lawyers, railroad engineers, pastors, chefs. The list can go on to encompass just about any walk of life.

However, the one thread in this weave that I see, is the desire to bring into existence something that can have a positive impact on themselves and their loved ones. Learning to Trade is one Opportunity; one means to an end. But it is only the tip of the iceberg.

It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that many of the people on the above list have thought about ways they could help somebody by bringing their idea into reality. Maybe they have a hobby and they’d like to share their experiences with others. Maybe they thought it could be something of a written quality, or a painting;  maybe even the solution to a problem as mundane as say, how to prevent water from collecting in the basement. All of these ideas have merit and often can be the source of additional income.

Create your own Opportunity

The depth and breadth of opportunity brought about by modern technology often goes unseen, until the availability of those opportunities is brought into the light of day. The thought of turning a simple idea into a revenue producing business seems daunting. We see the big box stores and get overwhelmed by what appears to be an immense undertaking. But, unlike brick and mortar establishments, which are visible, tactile, and physical, the online marketing world operates without all the hassle of staff, inventory and physical location. The world goes unseen except by those happy participants who have learned how to bring their ideas to a vast market of receptive buyers. These same people, who are learning to trade options, are also learning how to create broadly based businesses right on their computer and marketing their ideas, products and services to literally billions of online shoppers. Just like options trading, these online marketers are acquiring the tools and techniques needed to be successful.

If this idea resonates with you, you may want to take the next step and investigate the possibilities of online marketing. I am including a link to a highly respected leader in online marketing space. Check it out. And you may be surprised to learn how easy it is to find and develop a new Opportunity. Actually, it’s a lot easier than learning how to trade options.

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  1. Thank you Jeanni,
    I’m glad you liked the post. Opportunities are truly everywhere And i do like to encourage people to seek them out. We both know how helpful Wealthy Affiliate is in this regard.

  2. I love this Opportunity is Everywhere post. It is well written with an upbeat message. I like that it takes the reader on a journey through a range of opportunities until it comes to the final destination of affiliate marketing. It kept my interest all the way through and if I was not already a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, I would certainly have clicked on the link to find out more about the subject.

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