When I decided to start this blog, I thought it would be just a simple case of writing content about my option trading experiences and that would reach an audience who wanted to know what I know. And to some extent that has been the case. But I’ve come to learn that there is more to this than I thought. It may be true that a beginning trader needs to know about puts and calls and delta and Vega, And that these ideas will come along in the process of learning, but everyone is an individual. And one persons learning to experience can be quite different from that of someone else.


How we learn

One person may learn mostly visually while someone else gains their experience from listening to people talk or from music.See the source image

Others like to read, or maybe a combination of all three. I have always liked to work with my hands and I learned a great deal from building things. I also like to read and listen to music. Lectures not so much.


Creating a valuable learning experience

So, my point is that in order to provide the content of options trading,  I need for my viewers to communicate with me about your learning preferences. I am going to lead the way at first, but I need you to tell me where I veer off course. I would really appreciate hearing about your concerns as it relates to trading, investing and the financial world we experience every day.

I would like this blog to be an open dialogue with a lot of give and take. And if we do that, I believe we will all come away with a broader view of our world, our subject, each other and ourselves.

If this is something that makes sense to you, please leave a comment and I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.  If you’d like to read more about options, check out this resource.


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