Modern Monetary Theory is a Farce

The reason why Modern Monetary Theory is a Farce is because it isn’t true.  No!! It doesn’t work and you need to understand why.

The government cannot continue to print money to beat the band. That can lead only to the destruction of the currencyand the economy along with it.

                                                         Image result for government spending images

The first recipients of newly printed money is your favorite politicians who have no incentive to spend it wisely.  They just want your vote.

The last person to get the new money is the person who has to pay for it.  And that would be you.

Don’t be fooled into believing the latest bobble and glittering coin is going to save you from disaster because it won’t.

Being the master of your own ship of finance is your best course of action. Learn how to make independent financial decisions that can save your nest egg from currency devaluation.

I have been trying to bring ideas about options to the fore front of your thinking.  Understanding the workings of the markets and the mechanics of trading are essential tools you need to keep ahead of the machinations of the powers that be.

Kerp reading these posts as we move into the new era of the farcical Modern Monetary and listen to the attached video for a clear description of the serious issues you face

Modern Monetary Theory is a Farce

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